#MSS Volume 2 - Program 7
Avril 2014

Opening/Credits Track – Afro Elements “Your Eyes”


Incognito ft Maysa - Your Sun, My Sky

@Incognito_World / @MaysaLeak


Traedonya! - Another Lie @Traedonya


Resolution 88 - Doin’ It


Kevin Flint Jackson- Stopp’in Me @KFJackson1


The Motet - Roforofo Fight @TheMotet


Inohs Sivad - Over @InohsSivad


Tristan- Full Power @Info_Tristan


Will Downing - Too High @WillDowning


Afro Elements - (You’re Just a) Waste of Time



Eufórquestra - Instant Coffee @Euforquestra


Rob Milton - Jump and Move @TheRobMilton


Tony Exum, Jr - Sweet Conversations @MisterExumJr


Closing Credits: Miles Davis – “Blue In Green”